Mindful competitive training featuring Stevie Hailey, George Mumford and other select coaches and trainers.

Program Overview:

617Hoops is a youth basketball development program focused on changing the culture of youth basketball in Boston and beyond.  We want to create a space that is consistently competitive and fun. 

We seek to bring together the most talented and experienced young players who are passionate about the game and who have the dedication to train and compete at the highest levels.  Our intention is to develop each individual player by encouraging him to push beyond his comfort zone and become the best version of himself, on and off the court. 

CoachingWe challenge each player to look beyond developing and improving his fundamental basketball skills and to apply the same hard work and dedication to fundamental core values:

  • Competition
  • Team
  • Joy
  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Mindfulness

We are club-team neutral, seeking to develop and challenge the best young players regardless of program affiliation.