George Mumford617Hoops' mission is heavily influenced by the teachings of Mindfulness and Performance expert Mr George Mumford. In sports arenas around the world he is referred to as a Sports Psychologist & Performance Coach. Frankly, George has secretly been synonymous with some of the best: to name a few, Julius Irving (aka Dr. J), “Zen Master” & 11 time NBA Championship Coach Phill Jackson, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. The ripples of George’s impact quietly flow throughout sports. If you listen to a post-game interview with Steve Kerr (Golden State Warriors 3 time Championship Coach) or the insight of Kobe Bryant, you will hear language and concepts that permeate The Mindful Athlete, Secrets to Pure Performance, by George Mumford. 617Hoops and George Mumford’s goal is to unlock these performance secrets and chip away at the Masterpiece within all of us.