Our programs are designed for the individual development of the players, challenging them to come and test their skills against some of the better players in the region in their age group.

Friday Night Hoops

shortsFriday Night Hoops is an invitation-only training program offering Friday night fun in the gym with games and prizes, workouts and pick-up games. Elite trainers experienced in working out Division 1 collegiate and professional players work players through strength and conditioning workouts, skill development exercises and strategic scrimmages.  Music fills the gym, the clock is turned off, the whistles are put away and the boys just PLAY! 

Winter Hoops

WinterHoops is an invitation-only winter league that bringing together the best players in the region to train and compete throughout the winter.  Four to six teams of 8-10 players per team compete each week during a 6-week regular season beginning in early January leading up to a championship game in late February.  Teams are coached by former players who have first-hand experience and knowledge of the game at the Division One collegiate and/or professional level.  Coaches evaluate players during combine-style workouts in December and select teams during a closed draft in late December.


Holistic Hoops

We take a holistic approach to youth development, introducing players to mindfulness practices and wellness programs such as nutrition counseling, meditation and yoga in the belief that achieving pure performance on the court requires elite training of the mind as well as the body.

Our WinterHoops teams are supported by NBA, G-League and overseas players from the greater-Boston area to reinforce the importance of graduating from school and representing yourself as an upstanding citizen promoting the highest morals and values.

PlayersWe align with local independent high schools and preparatory schools to help our players visualize the road to achieving their dreams and we introduce players to college learning resources and academic counselors to help prepare them for this future.  Athletic Directors and representatives from local colleges and universities help the boys understand how to become and succeed as a scholarship collegiate athlete.  

Finally, we are dedicated to helping players and their families understand the business of basketball and learn to protect and advocate for themselves as they navigate the multi-billion dollar youth, collegiate and professional basketball industry.